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    The Artist Studio

    Scottsdale's Theatre Artists Studio presents readings of five of my newest short works-in-progress on Sunday, March 5th from 5 to 7 p.m. 4848 E. Cactus Road, Suite 406, Scottsdale, 85254 (Backstage) It's free if you RSVP to me at: micki@mickishelton.com

    ON THE EIGHTH DAY - As Alan, Dean, and Brigid try to discover a proof that the universe is curved, time itself seems to wrap back upon itself as stories of baseball interrupt their exchange.

    EVOLUTION FAST TRACK - What if time wasn't linear but everything was happening all at once or at least very quickly? What if with the wisdom of the future we could change things? Would we make better choices?

    A FEW GOOD LINES - Peter and Mary are writing a screenplay when their computer goes on the fritz and the only words coming out of their mouths are lines from old movies.

    FIX IT (Versions 1 & 2) - Sometimes life is a mix of personal distress and public catastrophe. What happens when you can't control either?

    DRUM BEAT - Whether it's Reagan, the Dubya, or Trump in the White House, things look pretty damn bleak. A history.


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